Ethiopian dating dc

Posted by / 07-Oct-2020 05:33

If the girl has the slightest bit of an urban slang and listens to Trey Songz or some shit, i guarantee you she's down with the brothers.: any Bar or Club in DC but these stand out since on any given night they are up to one third Ethiopian.

Unfortunately I only remember the word “sharmuta,” which means bitch / whore (apparently in many languages).

You mentioned that Ethiopian girls can be very insular and mainly stick to themselves.

This holds true chiefly for people from the country side.

penetrating their social circle is nearly impossible unless you are Ethiopian yourself. Girls from the capital are for the most part from upper middle and upper class families who had it good back home.

My guess would be these types comprise about 50 % of the Ethiopian population in the DMV area. They have the oldschool Ethiopian mentality that they are superior to blacks because they are lighter skinned and caucasian featured. The hottest Ethiopian girls you see will originate from this group. You can find them at Georgetown, George Mason University, James Madison University, UDC , UMBC , UMES, VCU, NOVA ... Just game them like regular American girls without trying to come off as too Alpha. They will most likely take negs personally so i would not try that stuff.