Ex boyfriend internet dating sites addiction

Posted by / 15-May-2020 08:50

Adjusting Your Mindset Taking Action Community Q&A No girl would rank the time when she walked in on her boyfriend watching porn as one of the top five best moments of her relationship.

Still, the fact that your boyfriend watches porn may make you feel insecure or upset, or think that it poses a threat to your relationship.

But one of the first things you’d probably be itching to do is dish out some coldhearted revenge!

Now, most people will tell you that the best revenge that you can possible serve your ex is transforming into a better person while moving on from the toxic relationship.

It just constantly runs through your mind like on repeat, "I need thi" ..for whatever you wrote, it doesnt matter what your used to, what truly matters is what you do to achieve the life you wish to have - a better one at least. it's a real addiction (slaa.org) or google slaa - sex and love addicts won't be able to change him, he likely treated you with the same fun and flirtiness that hooked won't change (he's having too much fun online) so you might want to move on so you don't get hurt or if you stay you have to change your expectations of him and realize that he's going to be an internet ***** and either put up with it or join in his fun (if you're into playing internet games, not suggesting you are). Unfortunately, I let my now ex (with kids) do this to me for 8 years.

It hurts because everytime you think it will be the last.

It is up to you to evaluate your values and determine whether or not porn is "okay" or "not okay".

Watching porn is a common activity for men and women, not just men exclusively.

You may want to cry, get drunk, scream, throw stuff out the window and so forth.But it's never the last until they admit an addiction and WANT to change for them and seek some sort of counseling or help.It's very sad how much they hurt us girls in the process.If you’re aiming for subtlety, you can start liking pages that are filled with porn or anything gross, so that when he logs on, his feed will be filled with every disgusting image and video the internet has to offer. And we’re not talking about nice little dating sites like Tinder or OKCupid.Find those really seedy sites that are chock-full of creeps. This should be no problem as you probably still have a bunch of your ex’s pictures in your hard drive, right? All you need is your ex’s email address to get a bunch of spammy websites to bombard his/her inbox with spam! Was your ex girlfriend dissatisfied with your love life?

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