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Brandon's children have been at war their entire lives.The Marine Corps taught Peter that despair and violence were renewing.The children were playing on the floor of his hospital room while his wife looked out the window.She didn’t say anything when I rearranged his pillow, or even when I left the room. By Sarah Holzhalb With every step they would watch me, as the suffocating humidity of Louisiana summer drenched me in salty sweat.As long as the Afghans he encountered thought it was OK to treat women like property, like killing a woman was equivalent to killing a goat, Tim Patterson writes, then they were never going to understand higher-level concepts like voting, or free speech, or feminism.A decade later, I found myself going back and forth with an antiwar protestor after covering a rally at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for the student newspaper.

We love the contrast sleeves, funnel neck and super luxe texture of this piece, and it doesn't get much cosier than Alpaca to keep you warm this winter.He endured the oppressive silence and slowly it ate away at him.When the repeal went into effect, a weight began to lift. War Horse writer and Marine veteran William Gehrung killed himself in late August 2017. When his kid brother came back from war, Marine veteran Drew Pham recognized in him the conflicted yearning to go back and desire to stay away. I wanted to photograph them," Dan Bellis writes, "but really, I just wanted to see them. The Defense Department is investigating the orchestrated stalking and the deliberate collection, and distribution of photographs of active duty and veteran women.I had moved away to the Big Easy, where I worked in a job representing the industry my former military branch regulates—on the “other side.” Seeing my former shipmates at mutual business meetings dressed in the uniform I’d proudly worn every day for half a decade made the feeling of separation more acute.I attempted to rock my Banana Republic skinny pants and leopard-print flats bought during my latest civilian shopping spree, hoping I would look like I knew what I was doing.

I’d like to think that they were silently cheering me on, smirking humorously at my idea of “fun”—training for my first marathon.