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We eat Fancy Feast canned food and the special broth food too.

BW loves Morning flavor, the Medley group, and the Broth flavors. If it isn't Medley with the great sauces, we won't eat it. If someone gives us a package of cans that isn't Medley, mom has to give it to someone with a non-persnickety cat or to an animal shelter.

Manufactured by: Nestlé Purina Pet Care Company, St. The classic is the only variety of Fancy Feast my cats (17 years old, 9 years old) love.

Louis, MO 63164 USA I was buying my cats some very expensive all natural food and they weren't eating it I decided to try fancy feast hard food since they love the wet food and they eat it up like crazy thank you for putting out a delicious quality cat food my cats eat and enjoy Love this food for my cats. I spend alot of $$$ and would appreciate any coupons that you can provide. This is the one and only food they will eat wet and dry!! The favorite from FF Classic is Fancy Feast CHICKEN .

For cats 5-9 lbs feed 1/3 to 2/3 cup of dry alone, combine ¼ to ½ cup with one 3 oz can of wet or mix up to 1/3 cup with two 3 oz cans.

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Testimony from Miss Pouncee: My mother doesn't dare leave any bag of Fancy Feast sitting around outside a cabinet.