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We used to have a great life with our family and friends, we had everything we needed but gradually things started to get worse and worse, so we had to find a place that has a better-quality of life suitable for living, a place of which people are united and willing to help, a place where my kids can learn, a place where I can get employed and have a job with my Ph D in Ophthalmology.When we moved here, life was different to what we expected.

Feedback from delegates “We finally came out of an environment of killing, suffering and bombing.

YCA is a centre with spiritual, health ,education and wellbeing facilities, it’s a centre of which people are united and very close to each other, very loving, caring and willing to help.

I’m caught between two worlds Then and Now In some how I moved from undoing there To feeling lonely here I’m caught between two worlds bane and sad I lost what I had I left my old self there And couldn’t bring her here I’m caught between two worlds thunder and rain It’s not a game I had to wave goodbye to there And say hello to here I’m caught between two worlds Old and new It’s up to you To help me move from missing there To feeling welcome here The Yemeni Community Association in Sandwell (YCA) is a community based organisation that seeks to represent and meet the needs of vulnerable communities in Sandwell but in particular specialises in delivery to the Yemeni and other Arabic speaking communities.

Me and my family faced a lot of problems bullying at schools, discrimination of race, hate crime on the street, poor consideration of the police.

Luckily, we were able to find YCA who welcomed us and took a lot of pressure away from our shoulders and helped us out in a lot of problems.

The YCA does this by providing services over and above those available in the mainstream sector, and also by acting as an interface between the community and various service providers.