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My name is Madison, sometimes people call me Maddie.I was 11 years old when they found out I had a heart condition.I am very happy that my heart and its tunnels are fixed.

" She gave a sheepish nod, "I'm afraid so John, when I heard on the audio where you worked and what was happening I ordered an immediate check. which was you." She reached out a hand to me, "Welcome to upper management John." I looked up to the ceiling "Why me lord? " I said to the air, but I accepted her hand and shook it. well we had discussed several things while she was with me. "Hello John, I've checked with the school and they're okay with her doing this, but she doesn't know she's going to have to stay like that all day." I could hear a gasp and then more laughter from Tania as this sunk in. " I said dryly which caused Janet to laugh aloud; I heard Tania asking what was so funny, after Janet told her, she gave an indignant 'humph' and must have taken hold of the phone.

I wished that Janet had chosen someone else for the job, but then after a bit everything just seemed to 'click' into place, and started to run smoothly. Therefore, I was going to be fairly comfortable off. It was strange to hear from them during my evenings knowing they were just finishing breakfast and getting ready for work or school. "I thought about what you said that day at your place." Tania told me one day giggling.

I was shown how to running the department for real instead of just being a cog in the wheels. I finally settled on a simple reply stating that I had received their letter and had passed it onto my solicitor who would be ensuring that the local police are informed; I later found out that he also applied to the Social Services for damages caused by their defamation of my name.

Through Jump Rope For Heart kids learn jump rope skills, how their heart works and raise money to help kids with special hearts.

Have fun, learn how to stay healthy and make a difference in the lives of others!

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The phone rang as I entered the house I answered it. "Oh mummy wanted to do some sightseeing - she took me to the London Dungeon, it was smashing, all the bodies and the chains . I smiled, "I would have liked to Tania, but I don't think my bosses would have let me." I could hear her yawn it must have been a long day for her as well. I entered the building and took the lift to the third floor, finding my desk and sitting behind it. "We are expecting a representative from Head Office to arrive today and start interviewing for Bob's replacement, so please give him all the help you can. "Plus there's the other aspect of you, your ability of keeping your mouth shut, it's the thing we need from a manager." Janet said.

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