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I am the youngest of five kids having two older brothers and two older sisters.

The fact that most of my life I have always been overweight I have always been blessed in the chest area.

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Back into the middle to late 60s when I was in my late single digit age or pre-teenage years and when my next older sister started going through puberty and started wearing a bra I found myself trying on her bras when I was home by myself.I also remember a time when I was real young, maybe before I was ever in school, I had a crush on one of my neighbors that was around my same age.She was having a party (maybe a birthday party) but only girls were invited. As I aged through my teenage years I still was trying on and even wearing my sister’s bras now and then and with my fatty chest tissue I would pull myself into the bra cups as much as possible.As I said earlier most CDs are NOT gay but there are a small percentage that are gay.Also a CD will only occasionally go out in public dressed as a female, more often if they have an established safe place to go frequent such as a Drag Queen bar, yet probably the vast majority of CDs only do this in the comfort of their own home and have never ventured out in public en-femme. How this differs in my opinion from a (TV) is that a TV is more often either gay or bisexual.

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In fact as I was going through school I was teased a lot by other kids saying I needed to wear a bra.

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