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Greek sex dates in icq

Date: 11/06/08 hello and good day: This is imran khan from karachi pakistan. Well-trained, long experienced professional seaman with Master licence seeks position afloat, long or short term, relief or delivery. DURING THIS PERIOD I REMAINED WORKING IN DIFFERANT HOSPITALS AND ON SHIPS AS WELL. Cyberkidxtra Date: Friday 4th May 2007 I am lexter rufila able seaman position acting as crane operator and helicopter landing officer as well,now m currently employed in a french company here in UAE..willingly join any type of vessel...( my e add roylexter Date: Wednesday 1st March 2007 IM MR. IM WILLING TO BOARD ANY TYPES OF VESSELS IN THE FUTURE.

I have a mate class 4 attained from PNG MARTIME COLLEGE. I DO HAVE ADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE OF CHAMBER OPERATIONS . Eng with 1974, Trawlers, multyporpose cargo, dry cargo, reefers types ships.Also, Please read the simple instructions below - Spammers are trawling and none of us need more Spam. ALL TYPE OF SHIPS LIKE CARGO, BULK, OIL TANKER, CHEMICAL TANKER. Following this I send my CV and for next future I hope I can joint in your company.Click the blue link if you need professional ships crew now.... I would very appreciate if you consider me as a possible candidat and arrange for interview. My email : nedy.junaedi Date: 03/08/08 hello and good day: This is Mohsin Siddiqui from Karachi Pakistan.YOU WILL NOTE FROM MY PERSONAL HISTORY CV FORM THAT I HAVE WORKED AS A MESS BOY ON MANY VESSELS .. Phone; 513-271-4159 email; Date: Thursday 14th June 2007 My name is Aurel,i am from Romania, I have experience in offshore industry,or commercial fleet sine to 1999 on various tanker ships, FPS O, Supply & Anchor Handling,with steam and motor 2nd Engineer certificate. For my part I am a 31 yr old male British doctor so could help out if the need arose. My sailing experience is limited to some yachting aroung the Channel Islands, racing 420s in my youth and windsurfing. Alex Spratt Date: Thursday 14th June 2007 sir, i'm 22 years old n i'm from Bangladesh.i'm studying naval architechture n marine engineering at a very respected university here.i wana build my career at i'm lookin for a job as a crew cadet at your ship. Iam looking fo a job and i have 13years experienceworking as a seaman. Sir i undergo some six proffesional certificates at the Regional Maritime Acedemy in Accra Ghana in 2005 but due to the economic of my country,i have never gotten a job. I finsihed my presea g.p.rating trainning in Kerala. No.: Mob : 020105120293 00203 5565717 Present Work : 2 rd Mate Nav.THESE RECENT APPOINTMENTS HAVE PROVED VERY ENJOYABLE AND HAVE PROMPTED ME TO LOOK FOR SUITABLE POSITION AS A MESSMAN . I GET ON WELL WITH PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONNALITIES AND DIFFERENT CULTURAL BACKGROUND. I am 32 years old,i have work experience like surveyor for flag inspection,also like personnel manager on crewing agency. My contact details are: Email: Date: Thursday 14th June 2007 Hi, I'm hoping for passage as (ideally Transatlantic) crew (either way). I later went into mechanical weldering at the Cameroon ship yacht where i i had an apprientist certificate there. Data& Place of Birth : , Alexandria Marital Status : Single My certificates : General Operator's Certicate "GMDSS" Licence No.

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Marine engineer certification personal survival technic, fire fighting and fire prevention elementary first aid personal safety & social responsability oil tanker familiarization certificat of competency engineroom rating skills Maintenance of all type of refrigeration units including cold rooms Repair and installation of refrigeration units Good use of AUTOCAD; IRONCAD; EXCEL; WORD etc... WORK EXPERIENCES Work in the internet cafe Cyber Cafe June-October 2003 Work as Engine Cadet on vessels: Work as assistant engineer at Vinira International LTD Accra-Ghana Addition Info I'm looking for a long term work. b)Experienced AHTS Master (any nationalities) Email: mustaffa.bakri Date: 03/08/08 Good morning Sir..

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