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Hookup public sex

How do you think people should feel about sex in public parks?I am not in the business of telling others how to feel about public sex.While hookup apps offer an obvious alternative, cruising—when men seek men for anonymous sex in public places—still happens. Recently, in Toronto, one major police sting targeting gay men in a lakeside park caught the attention of Jen Roberton, a young city planner.She found it disproportionate to the transgressions involved.What does the image of two men having sex in public evoke for you compared to two women, or a man and a woman?When you think about the types of people who have sex in public, what age do you imagine them to be? How does all of that impact whether you feel repulsed, indifferent or turned on?My personal opinion on public sex is that it provides little to no risk to public safety. In fact, more often than not, public sex is conducted in the most private areas of public spaces.My biggest concern with public sex is littering, which is also my biggest concern with most other park-related activities. Should we assume that cruising will always happen despite the availability of hookup apps?

It’s not delegating a certain area of the park to sex; it’s much more informal than that.

For example, in Toronto, flying a kite too close to a utility pole is against a bylaw, and so is having cars on recreational trails, but when you look at the way those bylaws are enforced, we can see there’s a disproportionate emphasis to anything involving sexuality, especially as it relates to gay people. In general, this issue is not something that comes up until there’s a significant enforcement action or a problem that arises around it.

In another Toronto park where people have been drinking publicly for years, police went around with pamphlets and talked to everyone to let them know that they weren’t allowed to drink in the park. And I think the way harm reduction is institutionalized in places like Amsterdam shows that if you decriminalize something like marijuana, or public sex, the city doesn’t fall apart. In the Amsterdam case, men who have sex with men were being targeted by queer bashers, so the regulations were changed [in 2008].

During Project Marie, named for the park involved, plainclothes male officers hung out near known cruising spots and waited for men to solicit them for sex.

The operation led to 89 charges against 72 men; just one charge was criminal.

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People should be able to form their own opinions on the matter.

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