I am dating someone with bipolar disorder

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I am dating someone with bipolar disorder

Then slowly the bizarre (well familiar to me) and controlling behavior started to creep into our lives.

I do not think I noticed at first but my closest friends (all on guard) would ask me if he was on his meds.

He started to say he really didn’t think he needed the meds and they prevented him from being the superstar at work he needed to be.

As time progressed, I started to sink back into my hole and things progressed to bad.

When loving someone with BPD, the battle is fought together against our symptoms.

I returned and we went to counseling and he saw his own doctor.

In the case of loving someone with BPD, having compassion means showing and experiencing genuine concern and empathy for how their illness makes them feel.

Being compassionate when loving someone with BPD will mean so much to that person, because compassion is not easy to find when you have an illness that affects how you treat other people. It’s important because it assures your loved one you are trying to understand the complications of their illness.

But in my experience, in order to effectively and truly love someone with BPD, patience is required.

Having patience means having the ability to accept someone’s symptoms without becoming angry or upset.

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The way to love anyone is to love them truly and with your whole heart.