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Im dating a stripper song

Many women wonder why they’re making a guy chase them even when they’re actually totally in love with the guy themselves. There are a lot of reasons where a good chase can help you and we’ll get to all of that here.

But you have to keep this in your mind no matter what.

Rest assured that everything you find located on my dating archive above is of the up-most highest quality the dating industry has to offer.

Well, they probably don’t realize it themselves, but all guys love a good chase.

The chase only helps you evaluate a dating potential.

If you’re certain that both of you like each other already, just take the plunge!

So when a great guy finally emerges as a winner, he’d obviously know he’s better than all the other guys.

Now that’s a huge boner in his ego, and he feels like he’s just won a big prize.

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[Intro] Goddamn Lil Mama U know u thick as hell u know what I'm sayin Matter fact After the club u know what I'm talkin bout Me and my niggas gone be together u know what I'm sayin I ain't gon worry bout them really though I'm just lookin at u Yea u know U got them big ass hips god damn!