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So I've been going out with this indian chick for a couple weeks, nothing too serious.

Don't see her that often but we've gotten as far as getting naked and fooling around a bit.

if it were me, id be spending my time meeting new girls and seeing if they are what i want rather than fixing a project absolutely the diet that affects this. that'll get the ball rolling This rumour has gone round a number of times now. I've been with an Indian girl who smelled like flowers down there (no joke, I have no idea how), not of anything bad.

but if u two hookup in the shower it shouldnt be so much of a problem. She was very westernised though, like 4th generation British-Indian, so she didn't really eat much spicy food.

Here are their responses: 1) "Physically impossible - she was faking it for whatever reason" 2) "That must have been some kiss" followed by the same question about the location and function of his hands.

Lets see who's the most creative gamer with not just his gaming skills but also with the naming skills.

But here's the thing, sometimes...really doesn't smell pleasant down there, a little more than usual than with other girls I've been with. A lot of it could be diet, what women eat is often reflected in their vagina taste, but not usually the smell.

Her parents are cooks or chefs or something like that so I'm sure she's got like a spicy curry diet, and I'm thinking that may be the cause of it. And I can't exactly tell her to change her diet since you know that's what she eats. However since she probably eats a lot of curry and spicy Indian food, it may play a larger role.

Other than that you would just need to get used to it, or only go down there after a shower or this a woo woo or a dot head?

ha ha After he told me this story - I told him that surely she was faking this ...

that it was probably just an enticing moan meant to try to get him into the sack.

Same with guys, I often have to touch up my deodorant for bedroom action otherwise I'll start stinking too.

Guys who are uncircumcised also should clean up if they've had a long day, it can be kinda gross too.

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