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Indian tribe dating

Yet, archeologists have found evidence of humans living in the area three thousand years ago.

Many of the Tarahumaras still dress in traditional styles.

The women and their daughters wear brightly colored multiple skirts, full-sleeved blouses, a headband or bandana and a multicolored shawl for carrying a child or other object on their backs.

Rarmuri, meaning foot runners is an appropriate name for these primitive people.These celebrations involve tesgino, an alcoholic beverage made of corn and grasses that is good only for a couple of days after it is brewed.At these festivals, the Tarahumara Indians will drink until they pass out!In their daily lives, they regularly cover large distances, much of it vertical, by jogging.It is not their running speed, but their stamina which is exceptional; Tarahumaras are known to hunt deer by chasing them until the deer drops from exhaustion.

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