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She later signed a contract with Odeon Records, Miranda's rise to stardom in Brazil was linked to the growing popularity of a native style of music: the samba.

The samba and Miranda's popularity enhanced the revival of Brazilian nationalism during the regime of President Getúlio Vargas.

), born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha (February 9, 1909 – August 5, 1955), was a Portuguese-born Brazilian samba singer, dancer, Broadway actress, and film star who was popular from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Miranda's second single, "Prá Você Gostar de Mim" (also known as "Taí", and released in 1930), was a collaboration with Brazilian composer Joubert de Carvalho and sold a record 35,000 copies that year.

IUP was fantastic about accepting those credits—I didn’t miss a beat.

Most of the classes transferred seamlessly and made for a really easy transition.”“Today, everything is going digital, and I’ve always been into computers plus into art, so graphic design became an absolutely perfect choice.

This passion for opera influenced his children, and Miranda's love for singing and dancing, at an early age.

She was educated at the Convent of Saint Therese of Lisieux.

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