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International chinese dating

from the city are usually very stylish to middle of the range whereas mainland / rural cute Chinese girls have more of a simple, understated style.

Chinese women, due to the sheer size of China typically have a more ethnically diverse appearance than Korean women which can make them appear more glamorous and exotic – cuter!

Christianity is widely practiced (40%) in Korea whereas only 10% of China is Christian although due to sheer volume of the Chinese population there are plenty of female Chinese Christians.

Many Western men follow the Christian faith and choose Chinese women that are happy to marry a westerner. This is where things get interesting regards who is cuter?

Koreans generally bond with each other possessing a specific cultural pride that Chinese generally do not have.

Due to their strong sense of cultural pride Korean women are usually marry within their own race whereas Chinese women are typically more open minded having less insularity within their culture.

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