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Inuyasha dating story with different endings

On his patterned sleeve, there is a black cloth wrapped around his upper bicep.

Around Ukyo's waist is a black skirt with a diagonal cut, leaving it somewhat short on its left.

Over this, Ukyo dons a long-sleeved, black jacket left open.

On his right, near the shoulders, there are three square-shaped silver studs attached to his jacket.

He goes on to say something very strange about how she won't be dying easily "this time" and how it would be his turn to kill her.Ukyo doesn't care if she thinks he's a stalker or something for knowing her detailed schedule.He only wants her to survive, because he knows a certain someone thinks of her as a nuisance.Ukyo agrees to Kent's vigilance and suggested he continues his alertness to protect the heroine.Ukyo, then says "I hope you find happiness." to the heroine and disappears.

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Ukyo can be a "crybaby" at times (or so he says himself), crying when he is feeling intensely emotional. He cries only when he dreams that he has lost the heroine or in joy of having found his dear grandfather's mansion intact after 15 years.

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