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A weak analogy occurs when a person draws a comparison between two concepts, situations, or things to link them together in an argument, even though the connection between the two is not strong enough to make the case.It's a type of fallacy or flaw that can damage an argument.Here the fallacy is focused on the similarities between haunted houses and dark alleys.The fact that a haunted house is a controlled, planned environment, while a dark alley is unpredictable and likely dangerous, is not mentioned as a key difference.When using a weak analogy, a person may point out all the commonalities between two things or concepts.This can sound convincing because the comparison may highlight the various ways the two things are alike.Analogy requires models in order to connect a source situation and a target situation.A model in an analogy is required to establish salient properties and, mostly, relations that allow transfer of knowledge from the source domain to the target domain.

You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.In another sense, analogy is the model itself, or better, analogy provides the elements of model of reality that enable the processes of scientific discovery or knowledge increase.My suggestion is that some insight on how an analogy is a model and is connected to model-based reasoning is provided by recently proposed theories about analogy as a categorization phenomenon.In fact, the effects of energy drinks and sleep in relation to feeling awake are very different overall.In this analogy, the argument focuses on how animals function instinctively for survival compared with how human beings should operate our legal system. The weak analogy fallacy focuses on properties that are not central to the argument while minimizing differences that are important.

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