Is novak djokovic dating ana ivanovic

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Considering how classy Agassi has been in the last decade, this was an unbelievably low blow.

Sampras served at Agassi and claimed Agassi made it personal.

And if you saw the match, you’d agree that during the whole ordeal, Sampras was absolutely fuming.

I’ve been waiting to find a legitimate reason to dislike Justin Gimelstob since everyone else seems to and he finally gave me one.

Henin was coming off a tough early round loss in the actual tournament just hours earlier but it was nice to see her enjoying herself. There were a couple of flashy shots here and there but Navratilova and Henin were significantly better.Agassi decided to bring it up during a live, charity exhibition where everyone was there to have a good time.This resulted in some quarreling between Sampras and Agassi while Federer and Nadal were just standing there clearly feeling incredibly uncomfortable.At the end of it all, I don’t understand why Agassi ended up being more mad at Sampras.Agassi instigated the whole fight and Sampras showed some real class by saying what he said.

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Federer even asked Nadal to say something but Nadal was at a loss for words.