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“I think they are trying to capture what they think is a block of conservative Islamic voters.” “But I think it’s a miscalculation."People in Indonesia value their history as a permissive open society and think their moral choices are a matter for them and the almighty — not for other people to impose their views and certainly not a matter for Government”.But it is also home to a thriving illegal sex industry where money can buy you any fantasy you want and social media is overrun with sex workers and pimps.Almost every shopping centre has a "massage house" offering bizarre options such as a Cat Bath, where a sex worker licks you from head to toe, or a "no hands" super breast massage in which a sex worker uses just her boobs to massage you before sex for just £25, reports au.

Some apps have reportedly been completely hijacked by online prostitution, with users being inundated with requests from spas or massage girls offering to visit you in your room.It’s a big building filled with all kinds of entertainment options for men.There’s the usual club but that only comes alive at night. From now until 23 December, The Cornwall Hotel Spa & Estate in St Austell is offering two-night breaks for £179 per couple.The package includes B&B accommodation, one dinner and complimentary use of the gym, pool and hotel spa.

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