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Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker described it as "the best new show of the season...possess[ing] all the bright romantic magic and tart humor of a first-rate screwball film comedy", with particular praise for the performances of Cavanagh and Bowen.

The pilot also contained some notable casting choices, with Donal Logue portraying Phil and Janeane Garofalo guest-starring as Ed's ex-wife Liz.Two separate things." Ed also had a number of running gags, such as bowling alley employee Phil (Michael Ian Black) hatching ludicrous schemes usually to gain fame and fortune, ten-dollar bets between Ed and Mike that would require one of them to do something extremely embarrassing, mentions of Arbor Day as a big holiday, and various characters named "Godfrey" appearing in many episodes.The series also dealt with issues of social popularity and self-esteem both through Ed—who was unpopular in high school and yet had a crush on stereotypically popular blond cheerleader Carol Vessey—and through Molly, Carol's coworker and friend who was similarly unpopular in high school and continues to have self-esteem issues due to her being overweight.Ed is an NBC television program co-produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants Incorporated, NBC Productions and Viacom Productions that aired from 2000 to 2004.The hour-long comedy-drama starred Tom Cavanagh as Edward Jeremy Stevens, the title character, Julie Bowen as his love interest Carol Phyllis Vessey, Josh Randall as his friend Dr.

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The first season of Ed was met by favorable reviews from critics.