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Jill martins dating profile

Sean was a good influence on the embittered Jill, showing us a bit of the fun-loving innocent woman she once was.Sean moved into the Chancellor Estate and lived with Jill.Amanda did not believe her daughter at first; thus, Mac ran away from home to Genoa City.Amanda came to Genoa City to find Mac, resulting in her leaving Ralph.Olivia Winters helped Alex win the case however, the two were never friends because Olivia was constantly afraid of losing Neil to Alex.

In July 2001, it was announced that Douglas had been let go from the role, and that it would be recast.

But Sean pressured her to get married, and Jill balked one too many times. History Amanda Browning, and her former lover, Brock Reynolds, had a daughter together named Mackenzie.

As part of her history, Amanda and Brock fell in love off screen while working together in India. In 2001, Amanda arrived in Genoa City looking for her daughter after Brittany Hodges set out looking to locate Mac's mother.

History Ralph was married to Amanda Browning and played stepfather to her daughter, Mackenzie.

Amanda left Ralph when she found out that he was abusing Mac.

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He lived in a 35-room Long Island Victorian mansion, filled with great art, furniture from around the world, and all the "toys." When he realized that he was living to maintain his possessions instead of enjoying his life, he left it all behind and took a job in Genoa City.