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contest and country star Kellie Pickler announced during a radio interview she’s been secretly dating Kid Rock for over a year, according to Associated Content.

“When all of a sudden you are hearing rumors that are not true on the CNN crawl…you Credit: Wire Image Coheed And Cambria bassist Michael Todd was arraigned yesterday after being arrested for allegedly robbing a Walgreens pharmacy.Before a show in Forward Operating Base Sharana, Black sat down with NEWSWEEK's Dan Ephron for an interview. So I really felt that if my fans can't get home, I really have to get to my fans. You know, they get here and they don't have the proper gear, the proper this and the proper that. Is there certain comedy you can't do in a war zone? They keep talking about two wars and you wouldn't know it being back there. Excerpts: NEWSWEEK: You strike me as one of the more irreverent and anti-establishment comics around. I'd get e-mails from people here and in Iraq saying, you know, 'I like your stuff.' So it really is a reciprocation. Keep up with this story and more Didn't that give you pause? The one thing you learn from Vietnam is to back the troops. I think I read that Lenny Bruce was your role model. So, how does a guy like you get involved in something so establishment as the United Service Organization? How have the tours changed the way you view the military? Their concept of service so buries any form of service I've seen other people do, unless you count Mother Theresa. What are they supposed to all say, they're not going? Mainly I was saying in my criticism, 'Can we just ask a couple of questions that no one seems to be asking?

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