List of chinese dating shows on black men dating white

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List of chinese dating shows

followed a basic format: candidates introduced themselves, outlined their marriage criteria, and answered a few questions from the host.Despite its limitations, the show signified another ‘great leap forward’, revolutionising the way marriage-seeking was conducted in China.The first dating program, , aimed to ‘serve the people’ by helping individuals, especially males of rural and low socioeconomic backgrounds, to find a partner.The nature of the show echoed the strong imprint of the communist ideology initiated by Mao Zedong in 1944 The show’s male-oriented nature reflected China’s sex ratio imbalance, in part caused by the one-child policy and the dominance of patriarchal values.Just like yin and yang in traditional Chinese thought, the juxtaposition of neoliberalism and state authoritarianism might seem contradictory, but essentially they complement each other by creating a space for discussion among opinion makers, elite groups, scholars, the media, the government and the masses.

The official message is clear: the Chinese people need the freedom to love and marry—provided it doesn’t cross the boundary of socialist values.

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With the acceleration of marketisation and globalisation in the 1990s, the situation began to change.

Facing strong competition, media outlets were under pressure to produce programs that not only had commercial value but were also entertaining.

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For the cultural elites, they are a subject for interrogation.