Milllionaire dating

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Milllionaire dating

We can complete your initial personal consultation either on the phone or in person.

In your consultation, we will go over what it is you are looking for in a mate, and what type(s) of person you are attracted to.

Millionaire’s Club has over 30,000 women currently on file, and receives applications from new ladies every day due to our television show, news spots, magazine articles, print advertisements, and scouts who search locally in your metro area.

During your personal consultation, we will show you the various women we have on file who are currently available to date.

If an email or text comes from registered member this will be accepted as a membership termination. Once the termination is in effect the membership cannot be reinstated or transferable to another person.

She was so certain she wasn’t going to find a man, she had twins via a surrogate—or “immaculate conception,” as she puts it.Now, Taylor’s finally ready.“I’m direct and to the point, but there’s a big ol’ pussycat chicky chicky in there,” she tells Patti, in an attempt to convince her she’s ready for a real, adult relationship.owns a modeling agency, this week’s mixer will be in the form of a fashion show, where the men will walk out in tuxes and answer questions from Kenya and Taylor when they reach the end of the runway.“Women have been objectified for centuries; now it’s the men’s turn,” says Patti, the same woman who, a few short weeks ago, was telling feminists to “shut the fuck up” because they’re “probably fucking single anyway.” Anyway, the fashion show is fun!Taylor likes Erik, a sprinter whose butt and legs are so nice, Patti makes her go up to the runway and squeeze them (how’s it feel to be objectified, assholes?!), and Joel, a former hockey player who’s apparently good in bed, according to Patti’s mysterious ability to read people’s ~energy~.

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They’re barely 15 seconds into the date when it’s clear they’re ready to run off and get married. They’re having so much fun.“This is, like, the perfect date so far,” Kenya says. On Patti’s recommendation, Joel takes Taylor to a “chakra spa,” no doubt praying none of his former hockey bros are watching Bravo right now. Meanwhile, Kenya and James are having a super flirty dinner date (it’s at Sur, BTW, because one should never turn down an opportunity to cross-promote Bravo shows).