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Mim tele dating

Everytbiu^' tii fai't tenii.s tuore aul ui'jra to prove that the Negrito race, of wbieb the Mineotle thein iu phyt*ical charactcriiitic«, (") If Lhi?

* is really the ease, are we not entitled to believe tbat tbe subntrafum of this linguistic family will be found in tbi* Mineopie buiguaj;ef??

^Ian aud Temple consider as doubtful, il nii^^lit be with the lanj^uag'^ft of Australia or of the Dra%'jdian and Scytblnn groupa, which they resemble in a few peculiarities, 8uch n^ tbe use uf post-positiona instead of prepositioti« ; the use of two forms — one inclusive, t!

io olber exelu Hive — for the Brst person of the plural, aud, iu general, iu the agf;lutinative structure of words. Annual abstracts of the observations, taken at the four recording stations are attached, as are also the annual registers of rainfall. The accompanying charts shew the mean annual pres- sure, temperature, rainfall, and the number of days on which •ain fell at Singapore, from 1870 to 1885.

At all events, it h an interest iu^i problem to Rolve, ami we hoartily wlnb that Messrs, Man and Tkmple may pursue rese^rebt^ wbicli bave already leil them to 8neh eurious results Tbuu^di 8eattt»red from tbe Andaman lalauda to the Pbiltppini*8, the Negrito tribes have retained, in a remarkable manner, ^11 lhi*fr exterior and o»k M»lo^»cal ebaracteri«tic K.

It ia otherwise with re* (i) Xtf Tnrr rf nfomwf, *M\m C*lition, ? ]t Bc^eius to tne probable that these hitter were m many surviving wttne»8es of the primitive lanj TUf Lge.

, thirteen wordu which are not Malay, lie » olt U.iio*l, uot without ajujt* trouble, from ao A(«ta, the fonywing: verwi 1 am goiugr Be vi^rv Ta .' «M All) I mn g«e forgottc Ji (by) \m. But these people con M make them^t'lve.'* unilemtootl by hiu guides who spoke to them a kiutl of corrupted or rather Bimplified Bisaya. and Sund., sam- 'buku, knot, q, v.; ru- , was, joint of a cane Joint (of a reed) j \* bfiku knot Judge, a h&ktm hakim K * lun&s but Ang * t6ng kips Tn chuchuk sagau ; mdksagau pateian ; * bunoh sumbe pabunoh * ji^nls * kauni { lunas. murder) isimbilik t Jav., sam- beleh ; Bat., sambol* li ; Mak., samballe ter-bunoh. Map *pad peta » kur unut l Amut Medicine obdt Meet, to m4kb4g Meet; fitting *p4tut Meet, to h4nch6r tilam. and Sund., hukur j'Bat.f mengu- kur, to consider ; Day., ukur iubat. and Sund., patut; Tag., patot, to be useful {hanchur. chaul Aka ; chil&ka Mist Mistake g4b6ng s Ak Mistress ; lady dai Ang Mix, to Moat, a : ditch Model Modest ; bashful Moist ; wet Mother-of-pearl shells Motive Molest, to Monkey Month ; moon Monthly Moon, full Moon, new More ; again More than l Amut gita * ch6nto masipuk ^ bfisah ; mabas Ah Tchelaka. and \ Sund., chelaka ; i Mak., chilaka ; Day., (^ chalaka. J Sund., dayang; Kw., \ deyahf young woman / of high rank ; Tag., ( dayang^ lady tipei * sebab us Tb Ahan Amok b Cil An * bfil An-bfil An d Aml Ak k Asub Angen d Akum Au laing p A ing chonto basah {See Cause) bulan. I and Bis., 5// /^7«; Mak., di4lang; Bug.,ulang; Tag., bowan ; Malag., widana '6/ Mosque 14ng4r Mosquito hilftm Mother ind Mount, to ; ascend s&k&t Mountain bfid ; gimbi Mourn, to ; weep m Aktingis Mouse ; rat Mouth &mbau simut Move, to ; remove p Tnd Ahe Much ; many mataud ; m Staut Mug ; cup p Tngftn Murder, to bunoh Mussels, shell-fish, &c. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. aka imt^ (oh my) frieud Ifdit, ktt t tt'i pruilent ihou, frirml f H4ttfiifit H, ttkil t H'f* vi'tnt my friend, mi H tt biltit*4f Ultll Hi K f«to|) ill du'elliii«^ voure. (') There also, no doubt, the primitive language has nil I re or lees died out. M* T^Ioxtan'O, does not think he can yet answer the f|uestion. Kw., lilam, sleeping-place ; Jav., tilem, to sleep ; Sund., tilam f any- thing spread out ; Day., tilam aku ( See I ) tepong. Jav., hina, fault ; Sund., hina ka-handak, wish, in- tention. Jav., obat ; Sund., obat, gun- powder, ubar^ me- idicine ; Mak. Jav., anchur; Mak., anchuru ; Day., anchor ENGUSH, SULU, AND MALAY VOCAOUt ''W Englisk, Memory Metid, to Menbl ; slave Mention, to Meniioiieii Merely Merry Message Metaphor Stilu. 2»ibot *schaj5 daiyau daiyay ib Arat Me Wj to (as a eat) *mciigiaii Midday dohilir ; oktu Middle ; between li Agitflng Midnight Midwife Might ; power Mild (temper) Milk Milk, In Million, a Mimic, li» Minc L', In tcngilh dom p Andei • kw Asa t Recollm) 3 Synd.. * siput Must sobei Mullet b&n Sk Mutiny * drdhka Mystery ; secret * rdhisa ( To be continuet ERRATUM METEOROLOGICAL REPORT, FOR THE YEAR 1885. He easily nnder- fttood his Manthra (*) g[uido, when the hitter spoke Malay to him ; but ho could eatoh but very few words when the same individual conversed with his wild countrymen. str^ L Bis., sang] Stihaja r 'ibarat (-4* meng*hiyii 1 {dhahor (Ar tengah m Si {Sec Apt,) {kuasa. ity) rriomo Ui Aw Ak pi\h^ 'nv^ \l\K\^ 1ak'i • aki'il Mind, thr Mint I, lu ; li Lcil Miiulj U5 ; Inukalur ipat Mi IK" ; niy k. [ The following report, heing of poniianent scientific vahic, is hero reprint- ed from tiie Government Gazette, lil.] 1.

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  1. And in 1705, Virginia expanded the policy to impose massive fines on any minister who performs a marriage between a person of color and a white person -- with half the amount (ten thousand pounds) to be paid to the informant. Indeed, the offense against which this latter section is aimed cannot be committed without involving the persons of both races in the same punishment.