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Seems only natural to carry over Xen and Sammy's threads. Yet I spent a little more time with the Vienna folks recently, and I actually came to like them. I'm more into early Baroque, Romantics or the so-called Contemporary Classics. The site I've linked to contains a few songs for your listening pleasure.

the new ABK prism SLC 15x 56 Rightio - carry on sir ! I forgot that some think of BF as the place where humour comes to die ...... Chosen One: You like to post too much here, and maybe like Dennis, you are one to put on the ignore list. They didnt come boxed, and something about the view tells me they dont have Swarobright coatings.

I see now, that you just want to "date" them - prolly for the purpose of setting a fair sale price so that you can move on to your new love ..... But the itch began to scratch when I saw these SLC 15x56 on the bay, so I ended up buying them.

They have the word "Habicht" embossed on the focusser, under the diopter. Sancho: Its good to see you still have the binocular itch ! 2001 would be the first year that the SLC's received Swarobright, (di-electric) coatings. Easier to hold, wider FOV, lighter & brighter, and for seawatching, the difference between 12x and 15x is negligible. I dont know when this flat-bridged model was replaced by the newer one with the black contoured bridge (which I assume is the SLC "neu", although Im not sure). Hi yall, I got a really fast and courteous reply from Swarovski at Absam about this 15x56 unit. (However, I took my 10-year old son to the music shop today because he plays guitar.

And it was introduced in some models before others. They were made in September 2001, and the do have Swarobright coatings. We looked at electric guitars because he wants one, and he picked out his favourite, which turned out to be an old Fender Stratocaster with a price tag of 3,000 euro. Ive explained this to OH, as justification for buying a pair of 12-year old SLCs, which Ill probably only use about five times a year, at a time when Im actually trying to clear out my optics cupboard.

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Hi, could anyone have a guess the age of a pair of SLC 15x56 with serial number D713581***? I'm sure Sancho will have no problem with it, whatsoever ..... And it was introduced in some models before others. But Ill take your sound advice and email Swarovski to ask.

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