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After each successful query in either update() or create(), calls are inserted to notify Change(), which calls each registered Account Change Listener. With these changes made, I’m ready to start working on an implementation of live updates, which I will begin in the next article. I’ve chosen to set up the balance field in the ‘accounts’ table of my example application for live updates, so the changes I need to make are as follows: Listing 1: SQL changes I’ve chosen to use My SQL’s “datetime” type despite the fact that its resolution is only whole seconds because it allows for easier debugging (as times are presented in an understandable format).For a final application, I would consider the alternative of storing millisecond values in a “longint” field.

The result is that what would once have been achieved with an Active X object, Java applet or even a Flash application is now much more likely to be achieved with a pure Javascript option.As well as supporting the addition of a timestamp field so I can find changes that have already happened, I need a method for objects to be informed when new changes occur.I have chosen to use a publish/subscribe (also known as Observer or Listener) pattern to achieve this.Whether supporting executives in business decision making, providing customer support operatives with up-to-date status information, or allowing customers to make purchase decisions, accurate data is essential.And because the nature of data in a modern business is to change rapidly, accurate means up-to-date.

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Interested objects can inform the Account DAO object that they want to be informed about changes, and it will then call them back with details of each Account object it stores in the database.

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