My friend is dating my crush

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Now, that N has come into the loop, I have told them to stop making jokes.

There’s this old song in my language that says that you should let your love be happy even if it breaks your heart. It charms me when he smiles so much, and does those small jigs when they are drunk.I cannot afford N being jealous of me right now, and I cannot help myself if I fall further down the rabbit hole that is this crush.Some days it is incredibly hard when he would draw a cat on my napkin while sitting in a cafe, or when he would be sneaky and write my name in calligraphy on a paper.This girl was asked for a romantic dinner by her boyfriend to celebrate their relationship.Can you help her prepare from head to toe for a date with my crush at a fancy restaurant by giving me a fab makeover?

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Apparently, they saw our chemistry “tingling” in the air when it all started.

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