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Note that this presents a potential workaround, as a clever user could find a way to get assigned that IP. Now, when you try to visit a blocked site, you see this: Note that one may be able to circumvent this kind of filtering by typing in an IP address directly ().To avoid this, add the known IP addresses to your block list.This process is better because it prevents them from using a browser with an If only there were some gateway that stood between your house and the World Wide Web…oh wait, there is. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to retrieve the web traffic log from a NETGEAR WPN824v2 router and how to block individual websites for selected computers in your house—all without installing a single piece of software on your kid’s computer.Note: If you have a NETGEAR router, the steps will probably be similar, but may vary slightly.Either way, the email will usually show up in your Spam folder, so be sure you filter it correctly.

Your energy is far better spent trying to teach your kid to be a responsible and thoughtful consumer of media.

If you have another router, such as a Linksys, Belkin, ASUS, or D-Link router, the steps will look entirely different.

But you can achieve the same outcome by poking around in the settings and just reviewing each section of the router admin portal. If that doesn’t work, open and type ipconfig /all and look for the field that reads default gateway.

Tip: If you want to block all Internet access, say, after 9 PM, use the Block Services tab and choose HTTP from the drop down.

Then make sure you specify the IP address for the restricted devices.

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Making matters worse, by installing the software on their machine, you’re immediately tipping your hand by revealing that [A] you are watching them and [B] which tool you are using.