Niall matteer and erica cerra dating idaho singles dating

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Niall matteer and erica cerra dating

The show's outrageous storylines and scandals throughout season three, particularly Mimi and Nikko's sex tape , Benzino 's non-fatal shooting and Joseline and Stevie's allegedly drug-addled behavior at the reunion, drew the highest ratings in the franchise's history and made its cast members tabloid fixtures.Benzino and Althea were removed from the cast after making death threats [24] [25] and Tammy, who was also attacked by Joseline during taping, announced that she and Waka were leaving the show to star in their own spin-off show Meet The Flockas.I think the writers needed some time to figure out what they wanted to do with Jo and I think that it was a good progression.

In our conversation with Erica, she discusses growing up with sci-fi, the differences between her and her character, the Jo/Zane relationship dynamic, and more! At about age 14, I decided I wanted to be a rebel without a cause so I got out of doing anything responsible, like acting, school, most things. Then I started again when I was about 20, commercials and did some guest stars on this and that, and then at 25 I booked this. So I’d much rather do that as opposed to just being myself on TV, because that’s no fun. Essentially, for , you’re the actress that’s kind of pushing the female empowerment dynamic. Do you feel any type of responsibility when it comes to how you portray her? I think that it’s incredibly important that there are strong women out there, but I think there’s always degrees.Yeah, I think it’s important and I love playing the strong woman.That’s one of things that I get so many compliments on by a lot of the fans.When came around, there was a lot of hospital shows, there was a lot of shows that were just sort of depressing.They were great television, but they were depressing. and I think when came around, it’s a show that allows you to do anything. You can watch it and just feel like you’re watching this really fun show for an hour and hanging out and enjoying yourself. And like I said before, I do really strongly believe that our chemistry is a huge part of why the show continues.

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They love seeing a strong woman on television, they respect my character, I inspire them. I think it’s great that women out there, they can be tough and now there’s a more sensitive side to Jo and they know they can be sensitive, as well. At the beginning, Jo doesn’t hide her dislike of Carter.

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