No validating sax parser implementation available

Posted by / 27-May-2020 10:41

Called when the parser presents minor warning information to the application.Parsing is expected to continue when this method returns, and document information will continue to be passed to the application.The locator allows the application to determine the end position of any document-related event, even if the parser is not reporting an error.Typically, the application will use this information for reporting its own errors (such as character content that does not match an application’s business rules).

Validating Parsers must use this method to report each chunk of ignorable whitespace (see the W3C XML 1.0 recommendation, section 2.10): non-validating parsers may also use this method if they are capable of parsing and using content models.

Add Ref/Release are not multithread-safe and there is no locking on any of the API entry points.

The bulk of the XML processors tested were non-validating ones.

Note The earlier SAX 1 interface provided by the Python XML Special Interest Group used a more Java-like interface for this method.

Since most parsers used from Python did not take advantage of the older interface, the simpler signature was chosen to replace it.

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SAX parsers may return all contiguous whitespace in a single chunk, or they may split it into several chunks; however, all of the characters in any single event must come from the same external entity, so that the Locator provides useful information. The Parser will invoke this method once for each processing instruction found: note that processing instructions may occur before or after the main document element.