Obsessive compulsive personality disorder dating updating file in jar

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More often, people exhibit of the traits from one disorder plus several from the others.The paranoid personality disorder often co-exists with one or more others.Question these suspicions and they will dismiss you as naive or childish. And this combative stance will usually be inappropriate.The paranoid take back a malfunctioning TV, for example, and accuse the sales assistant of trying to cheat them.

If they lose a file, or their manager warns them about their long lunch breaks, they assume a work colleague has gone behind their back. To qualify, the individual would need to exhibit at least three and find that they interfere with day to day life. For example, if they fail their driving test, they take it personally.

They cannot just shrug their shoulders and think “Oh well, I wasn’t focussed enough.” Instead, they blame the examiner.

Maybe he had passed too many that day and needed to fail someone.

If so, you may have encountered a paranoid personality.

A paranoid personality is different to mere paranoia.

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Each displays the basics of paranoia, but with subtle differences. Such people are not only irritating and unpleasant but dangerous, and their paranoia is often mixed with sadism.