Only lunch dating prices updating kitchen cabinets with paint

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At one point, I posted a negative review, like this one, of them on yelp and received a call that I needed to take my review down within 24 hours or they would write something negative about me.

This matchmaking service is a waste of money, time and energy. I would encourage all potential participants in the Seattle It’s Just Lunch program to save their money.

They instead insisted this is out of the ordinary and wanted to focus on my next date.

It was more about them and glossing over the poor customer service than my actual experience.

(again, all good...far) Booked an appointment to find out more.

I wanted to see the operation, meet the people I would be handing 00.00 to. I called to have a discussion with the Rep with whom I had scheduled the appointment to discuss my concerns.

Second date was with someone who was fasting for religious reasons. Again, awkward and exactly what I'm paying to avoid.

He asked me if IJL told me that when scheduling the date. And again, they were not apologetic and didn't care to understand how that feels to be that person on a first, blind date.

First date I showed up at the restaurant and said I had a reservation for me and John Doe, per my instructions. Awkward, weird and I'm paying to eliminate the awkwardness so this was a bummer.

After a bit of time, I learned to understand some of her descriptions.

It was much like reading real estate listings where “cozy” means small and “charming” means needs updating.

I told her I was still considering signing on the dotted line and paying for the service, I would just need a couple testimonials from REAL people who had used their service and would have to think over my decision.

II respectively asked that when I come in I am not pressured to commit at that time.

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I joined IJL on a Friday and had a call with a date on Monday for the following weekend. Unfortunately, he has not followed up but looking forward to another great date from IJL After a stressful, confusing, irritating, disappointing day on the phone with Seattle IJL and giving them a bunch of money, I'm feeling comfort and sad amusement in these reviews, so I'm adding mine to the mix. The executive matchmaker followed up the poor service with a mean phone call that sounds about like the other reviewers.