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I have a 55 pound Standard Poodle who loves to chew on his leashes (he's still a puppy) and who is very strong. Of course this leash would be way to much for a small dog, but for a large dog that is strong, and enjoys playing with the leash at times, this is perfect. It is larger than the normal hook, and a little heavier, but nothing too large for my poodle or any larger size dog.

Anyone can start a rescue, but many burn out and are not around in a year's time.

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Alan, Kath and all the team welcome you to The Black Bull!

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In the beginning, rescuers should stick to smaller, manageable tasks. One breed, in a small geographic area, would be a good start.

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Your goals will define how your rescue will operate.

You may want to consider partnering or volunteering with an established rescue before branching out on your own.

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