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Documentaries often use the theme of adventure as well.

There are many sports classified as adventure sports, due to their inherent danger and excitement.

Others were personal journals, only later published, such as the journals of Lewis and Clark or Captain James Cook's journals.

There are also books written by those not directly a part of the adventure in question, such as The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, or books written by those participating in the adventure but in a format other than that of a journal, such as Conquistadors of the Useless by Lionel Terray.

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The knight errant was the form the "adventure seeker" character took in the late Middle Ages.

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Adventurous activities can also lead to gains in knowledge, such as those undertaken by explorers and pioneers – the British adventurer Jason Lewis, for example, uses adventures to draw global sustainability lessons from living within finite environmental constraints on expeditions to share with schoolchildren.

According to adventurer André Malraux, in his La Condition Humaine (1933), "If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity? Outdoor adventurous activities are typically undertaken for the purposes of recreation or excitement: examples are adventure racing and adventure tourism.

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Some of these include mountain climbing, skydiving, or other extreme sports.

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