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He has been suspended by the Conservative Party but will still appear on the ballot paper as a Tory on Thursday as the deadline for withdrawing candidates passed last month.

In response, the Enfield Conservatives posted on Facebook on April 16: 'The posts by David Boston are unacceptable and have been removed.

Millennials were most likely to identify as liberal Democrats. Trump is not so much abandoning American exceptionalism as he is tapping into an earlier incarnation of it. But before that, American exceptionalism meant insulating the American experiment from foreign threats, shunning international entanglements, spreading democracy through example rather than intrusion, embracing protectionism and fair (not free) trade, and preserving a relatively homogeneous citizenry through racist and anti-immigrant policies. That original version of American exceptionalism—call it American Exceptionalism 1.0—vanished from mainstream politics after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.The United States and the rest of the world have become too interdependent; solving most international challenges requires collective, not unilateral, action; and immigration has already ensured that a homogeneous United States is gone for good.In 2016, a majority of Millennials (55%) identified as Democrats or leaned Democratic; 27% described themselves as liberal Democrats – the highest share of any generation.For much of the past decade, conservative and moderate Democrats outnumbered liberal Democrats among Millennials.

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A brand of exceptionalism dating to the eighteenth century is ill suited to the twenty-first.