P nk dating history

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P nk dating history

Issued in 1983, these coins were part of the "Pakkundon" convertible series.Coins with no "stars" were for general circulation in North Korea, coins marked with one star were for "socialist visitors", and coins marked with two stars were for designated for "capitalist visitors".Authorities eventually raised the limit to 500,000 won, Chosun said, and promised no probe into savings of up to one million won and unlimited withdrawals if savings of more than one million are properly explained.In February 2010, some of the curbs on the free market were eased and a senior party official sacked after incidents of unrest.

Hyperinflation became a very sudden reality, however, and the new coins were never released as planned.

the Chinese Market) there are semi-official exchange agents who will give in regular banknotes around 10,000 won for one euro (2012) to locals and foreign visitors alike, so almost 77 times as much as the tied rate.

However, the prices in the normal shops outside the tied won and restricted state shops are also based on this untied won rate.

In 1978, 50 chon coins featuring the Chollima horse statue and a rising sun were introduced into circulation during the 1979 currency reform to allow greater flexibility for vendors by eliminating the 50 chon banknote and large amounts of "small change" coinage carried.

In 1987, 1 won coins featuring the Grand People's Study House were introduced, but did not fully replace the 1 won note which remained legal tender.

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