Pastors ten commandments for dating his daughter direct dating sign in

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Pastors ten commandments for dating his daughter

With that in mind, while I would not want to in any way question your expertise in the area of “abuse,” I wanted to share some of the reservations I’ve been struggling with as I have looked through your materials on emotional abuse.

Enough said…I also know first hand that women can be abusive and if you have read anything about my own story, my mother was the abuser and my father was a great man, as is my husband.But someone who lives with it day in and day out year after year is the most qualified to define her experience.I agree with you that people lie and I imagine some people – men and women, make false accusations against their spouse at times.So what happens when a woman (who is a victim) is depressed, or poorly expresses her own anger or resentment when she tries to explain what’s happening at home?And what if her husband is calm, cool and collected because he’s an expert at image management and deception? To the counselor, he looks like the “spiritually mature one” and she looks like an angry, unhappy woman. Clever sociopaths have the ability to fool counselors. A second needed disclaimer is that (contrary to the impression your materials give), not all abusers are men and not all victims are women.

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