Patti stanger dating tips

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Patti stanger dating tips

She launched an online clothing line in 2012 and offers high-end (and high-priced) peripheral services through her website including plastic surgeons, counseling, makeover services, chefs, and a host of other services to improve your appearance and enhance your appeal to the opposite sex.In addition to founding the Millionaire's Club, Stanger has written a book, produced a dating advice video, makes personal appearances, and exploits social networking.She cautions other entrepreneurs to "have a healthy savings account before they quit their day job."For the first three years after launching her business, Stanger worked nights and weekends to establish the Millionaire's Club before quitting her job and diving in with both feet.

To grow your business, Stanger advises entrepreneurs to "extend their brand," something she has done herself.

Although Stanger (who was once engaged, but broke it off over a disagreement about having children) is single, she loves the matchmaking business and was willing to put heart and soul and many long hours into building her business.

She loves what she does and her enthusiasm for "love" (at least as she understands it) shines through.

She may epitomize the saying "those who can do; those who can't teach," but she grew her business in 10 years from a home office to a company employing more than 45 employees and now sells Millionaire's Club franchises (starting at 0,000) overseas.

While she has not married a millionaire; her business skills have turned her into one herself.

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Stanger's last bit of advice is something she does more by way of her colorful personality and sexist slant on love than by her matchmaking skills: separate yourself from the competition.

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