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He has published a short story in Mc Sweeney's magazine, dreams of being a writer, and hopes to get his young son Day (played by twins Justin and Ethan Coach) out of the 'hood.

His criminal uncle Shrimp (Glenn Plummer) offers Bambi a job, driving a car carrying illegal substances across the border to Portland, but Bambi insists on going straight.

It beats down the old, worn plot points with its sheer, constant energy.

Netflix has been cranking out a startling amount of original content, including TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, specials, and feature films, and it can make one's head spin to try to navigate it all.

The list of feature films alone is intimidating, but over the past several weeks we have been combing through all of them, and watching anything that seemed at least promising.

Even so, he finds that looking for a job through endless amounts of red tape, and the lack of a computer, make life difficult.

He winds up moving into his car, scribbling his beautiful, painful prose into notebooks and insisting to his son that everything is going to be OK.

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They scrounge for food or steal it, and they are happy, until Nico decides to leave.