Peerblock not updating

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In short its not a bad idea to run Peer Block or a similar program. l ZEROl Are you saying that firewalls only protect specific ports and if a port is open then any IP can access your system? Although I used to big on the filesharing scene (emule and Shareaza), those days are behind me.

However I still access some stuff without paying and also have other reasons for wanting to stop spying so think this is a move for me.

To cut a long story short, they are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. "Peerblock" is "Peerguardian", im am not sure why although i recall some time ago being notified that they had changed the name of the software when it said there was a newer version available to download. I'll definitely be updating's only a matter of time before they stop the updates on the peerguardian one.. That's why I use only a real ipfilter , very updated and with a fine support : p2..

So far as the program itself goes, it works very well and I have it installed on numerous systems that i maintain. and form what I found on the net and by talking with its creators these guys are the people up in the days to discover and promote the use of ip filtering .

Dependant on you firewall rules and exceptions some ports may be turned on or turned off except for certain applications.

A while ago they updated to a new version which introduced weekly-only list downloads to lower bandwidth costs. However, this is not what happened, at least for me.Since you say you're not all that paranoid, I wouldn't worry about it unless your in the downloading realm and dealing with things you haven't paid for but would have to otherwise.PS - Yes, I run Peerblock sometimes The basic reason for using it is to keep computers from collecting information about your system and browsing behavior.I just know the prog I use, updates their lists OFTEN.There are many IPs that try to connect and read you regardless of whether you are dl'ing torrents or on a p2p.... So yeah , my advice, protect yourself ETA after reading next post: With peer Guardian, if a trusted site is blocked, all you have to do is click to allow it .

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The list fails to update and then proceeds to act like it updated the list, which means that I can’t get updates. Download: Peer Block List Unblocker v1.0 (5/24/2014) To use it, shut down Peer Block, set the Peer Block installation location, which is set to the default location by default.

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