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This event generates every time Key Distribution Center issues a Kerberos Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT). If TGT issue fails then you will see Failure event with Result Code field not equal to “0x0”.This event doesn't generate for Result Codes: 0x10, 0x17 and 0x18.The RENEW option indicates that the present request is for a renewal.The ticket provided is encrypted in the secret key for the server on which it is valid.Postdating is the act of requesting that a ticket’s start time be set into the future.It also can occur if there is a time difference between the client and the KDC.

The value of the renew-till field may still be limited by local limits, or limits selected by the individual principal or server.

This option will only be honored if the ticket to be renewed has its RENEWABLE flag set and if the time in it’s renew-till field has not passed.

The ticket to be renewed is passed in the padata field as part of the authentication header.

It can also flag the presence of credentials taken from a smart card logon.

This flag was originally intended to indicate that hardware-supported authentication was used during pre-authentication.

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Indicates that the client was authenticated by the KDC before a ticket was issued.

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