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Real time sex chat bot

But her submissive side loved the fact that he had cum and she had not, she felt all warm and pleasant inside. “OH no, he doesn’t know about any of this, I don’t think that he would understand.” Jackie replied. Mmm, well we do have a solution to your question.” Susanne said, “But you may or may not like it.” “What is it? “Well we have a range of Sex-bots that have a dominant program that we could use to make your desires possible, it will cost more that the maid-bot program, but I think that this will work for you.” “Sex-bots!With her submissive side coming out more Jackie began to feel that something was missing from her playing maid-bot, sure being under the control of the system was good but she felt that she needed something else or someone to take charge of her. Yes I think so.” Jackie replied, biting her lip at the mere suggestion of someone ordering her around. ” “It’s not uncommon for people who want to experience being a maid-bot to want this. I’ve seen them, all dressed up going between clients, I’m not sure if that would work?That’s if you want her to look the same as you.” “That sounds exactly what I require, when can I come in? “Today, if you’re free.” Susanne said, pleased to help Jackie and also make another sale for the company.Jackie spent the rest of the morning at Maid-bots, Inc.Jackie melted inside, she was loving being commanded by her new owner, she felt more alive inside than she had ever been, her submissive side now taking full command of her mind as she obeyed her new mistress and started to clean the house. Meanwhile the sex-bot version of Jackie turned to the technician and said, “Thank you for coming over here to fix my maid-bot, she has been acting strange lately.” “No problem, all part of the service.” He said, knowing that this was part of the programming and cover story that made the sex-bot Jackie and Jackie, the maid-bot.

“Hello Jackie, how can I be of service to you today? “Hi Susanne,” said Jackie, “I was wondering if you could help me? “So my husband would be none the wiser, she’ll be me during the week and then I’ll be the maid-bot under her control, then we switch.” “That’s right, we can program her to be you or a version of you but meaner, more domineering so that she commands you, thereby giving you that missing spark you require.” Susanne replied. Or a version of me, like near twin sisters or such?

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“So I assume that you’re eager to start then.” He asked, knowing she would be, he could see the excitement in her eyes. She was already dressed in her maid uniform as usual during the week, though she hadn’t been under the control of the system she had been cleaning and doing chores around the house, something that seemed normal to her now.

“All I need to do then is activate the program, now that it’s uploaded into the house system and she’ll become you, your owner and you her maid-bot.” Jackie melted inside when she heard the word again, ‘owner’ it sounded so good to her.

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“So here’s your new sex-bot.” The technician said, “What do you think?