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After reading many resources, I ended up with writing this class to handle the validation of the new Re Captcha : As mentioned Here : When a re CAPTCHA is solved by end user, a new field (g-recaptcha-response) will be populated in HTML.

We need to read this value and pass it to the class below to validate it: In C#: In the code behind of your page : Dim Encoded Response As String = Request.

This one doesn't rely on newtonsoft's json parser and instead uses the built in . Here is the relevant snippet of code from the Recaptcha V2.

NET library (from recaptcha.cs): Google's Re Captcha API no longer accepts the payload as query string parameters in a GET request.

They also dont specify the IP which will help prevent a interception attack ( secret=&response=", secret Key, user Response)); if (JObject. Value Another example is posted here: Recaptcha V2.

Here's what I settled on var web Client = new Web Client(); string verification = web Client. NET (Github) It also implements the secure token option of Recaptcha 2.0 (look at full source code for that bit, I have stripped out relevant pieces of code ONLY for validating a result).

Validate(Encoded Response) = "True", True, False) If Is Captcha Valid Then 'Valid Request End If Imports Newtonsoft. secret=&response=", Private Key, Encoded Response)) Dim captcha Response = Newtonsoft. Success End Function _ Public Property Error Codes() As List(Of String) Get Return m_Error Codes End Get Set(value As List(Of String)) m_Error Codes = value End Set End Property Private m_Error Codes As List(Of String) End Class Here's a version that uses the Java Script Serializer. Web Config App Setting - I've added the secret key to the Web.High quality human labelled images are compiled into datasets that can be used to train Machine Learning systems.Research communities benefit from such efforts that help build the next generation of groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence solutions.So if you're a Google Maps user, your experience (and everyone else's) will be even CAPTCHA helps solve hard problems in Artificial Intelligence.

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