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Recommended cam for phil

The menu system must be easy to navigate with a touchscreen that’s just as responsive as your phone.It also needs to keep up with your smartphone in areas we’ve come to expect in our camera device: connectivity and, let’s face it, it still needs to be able to take a selfie. It’s also great to have a battery life long enough for a full day of shooting and some nice extra features like panoramas and creative modes.Reviewers universally liked this camera when it came out in 2015 and sold for 0, but now it typically sells for under 0, making it an excellent value.The G7’s interface isn’t as beginner friendly as the a5100’s, but shooting on full auto mode is easy enough.If you have a DSLR that’s less than four years old, you probably don’t need to change over to mirrorless.

The Micro Four Thirds standard also offers the largest selection of lenses of any mirrorless format, so this camera has plenty of room to grow.That means if you’re shooting in low light, the photos have to come out clean and sharp.The ideal camera has to capture a wide array of highlights and shadows on a single image so you won’t lose the details hiding in the shadows of a shrub or the artful texture of a cloud.The 0 Sony a5100 is the entry-level mirrorless camera we recommend for most beginners.It stands out from the competition by delivering superior photo quality while being easier to use right out of the box thanks to simple menus and controls, plus it offers enough flexibility to keep up with a new photographer’s developing skills.

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After 60 hours of research and 25 hours of testing, we found the a5100 takes photos as well as cameras that go for hundreds more by employing a sensor that rivals DSLRs and a class-leading hybrid autofocusing system.

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