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Relative dating of rocks powerpoint

Solar energy is partly absorbed and partly reflected by the earth.

In addition, some of the energy absorbed by the earth is radiated back into space. energy radiated determines whether the earth becomes warmer or cooler over time.

The extensive use of petroleum and natural gas after World War II has rapidly increased the amount of these carbon emissions within the last 50 years.

These data strongly suggest that the rapid increase of CO than is showing up in the atmosphere (Figure 3).

However, the amount of energy received from the Sun is dependent upon the earth's orbit (specifically, its eccentricity, precession, and tilt), which changes slightly at regular intervals.

As the human population began to increase rapidly, these "insignificant" changes began to have global impact. century began humanity's rapid addition of carbon into the atmosphere.Included below are links to the original data/studies that will allow you to verify that the information on this page is accurate.Since this page is written at a lay level, we are not going to examine the details involved in climate modeling that concerns most scientists.has varied greatly over time, from a recent high of more than 380 parts-per-million (ppm) 25 million years ago, to a low of about 180 ppm during several periods of glaciation over the past 650,000 years (Figure 1).Humans have been changing the face of the earth for thousands of years.

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The blue line at right shows the amount of carbon emissions over time compared to the red line, which is the average amount of carbon showing up in the atmosphere.

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