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Resume dating site

Over a period of 18 months, Bright conducted a study with over 8.6 million job seekers to refine its technology.

The company's data science team -- neuroscientists, mathematicians and nuclear physicists -- processed 2.8 million resumes and 2.1 million job descriptions.

With the rise of online job applications, employers are looking at more resumes than ever and the volume has created a bottlenecking effect for recruiters and employers alike.

"We believe that there is a job for everybody that wants to be gainfully employed," he told CNET in an interview.

Job searchers can now approach their quest as many do for love -- relying on data and science.

Or, at least, "science" (as most anyone who's ever tried online dating can attest).

Goodman said Bright helps job seekers refine their job search and makes a daunting task approachable, particularly for applicants who don't have a trade or a specific skillset.

He envisions Bright helping those living in areas where unemployment is high, like middle America.

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