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The Hammond was smashed to smithereens and I was cut to ribbons.I was mopping the blood from my face when a journalist came over.The grandiose elements of Yes were spiralling out of all control and the stage set was unbelievable.It had been designed by Roger Dean, who had done the album cover, and reflected the record's artwork.The problem was, it was a sealed unit, so Alan quickly began running out of air.

It also occurred during the Tales From Topographic Oceans album tour.

By now the audience must have noticed the rescue effort because as the pod sprang open a huge cheer went up, and Alan stumbled out gasping for breath.

Of course, back in the Seventies, audiences assumed that whatever happened on the stage was intentional.

Not because it was hard work - quite the opposite, in fact.

As the keyboard player, there were quite a few passages where I had nothing to do or was just holding down one key.

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