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Rock art dating

The most familiar types of rock art are petroglyphs (peckings, engravings, etchings, and scratchings) and pictographs (paintings).Because petroglyphs endure longer than pictographs in exposed settings, these are the most abundant form of rock art in Nevada.And revisits and re-uses of rock art localities that did not modify the site’s art are only evident through the archaeological remains of other activities left behind.It appears that some rock art localities attracted people to visit them over long periods.

If there was an ‘orthodox’ way to explain these sorts of finds away, he would have tried to do so.

Scientific dating of petroglyphs is very difficult; pictographs contain organic materials that can be dated but are very rarely subjected to radiometric analysis because collecting samples would destroy a portion of the art.

This would date when a painting was made, not when it was used or its locale visited.

The extinction of mammoths (and dinosaurs) must have occurred sometime in the last 4,000 or so years.

However, evolutionists and other long-agers believe dinosaurs became extinct more than 60 million years before the first man appeared, so they cannot admit that any ancient rock art depicts dinosaurs.

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However, the stone, of high density, smooth andesite (a volcanic rock), has several areas deeply encrusted with desert sand, especially covering some of the engraved areas showing leaves.