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Scorpio dating scorpio

She tries to get Emma to the hospital, but they get stranded when the van breaks down.

Robin tries to walk but They are rescued by Maxie and Johnny Zacchara.

Robin's uncle, Mac, eventually forces them together in an interrogation room at the PCPD on October 9, 2008, and Robin finally accepts Patrick's marriage proposal. Robin and Patrick set their wedding date for October 29, 2008, but Patrick gets held up at the hospital.

Emma and her brother, Noah are the first full siblings born on General Hospital in over 20 years; the last being Maxie and the late, Georgie Jones, daughters of super couple Frisco and Felicia Jones, born in the 1990s. When he finally shows and the wedding gets underway, Robin's water breaks and she's rushed to the hospital.

They name her Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake and their family celebrates with them.

While holding his daughter for the first time, Patrick spots a nick on Emma's ear, and both Emma's parents fear she might have been infected with HIV. Right after finding this out, Robin crashes due to Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.

She realizes from her gestation period that the baby is Patrick's and during their one-night-stand, the condom broke.

Robin worries that she could have infected Patrick due to her HIV status.

Robin is eventually brought to Mercy by Johnny, who tells Robin that Emma needs her now. After a few hours with Robin, Emma is cured, and the doctor says that it was all due to "the power of a mother's love." Robin's PPD escalates to the point that she hallucinates an older Emma on a pier one night.At her funeral, in December 2007, her sister, Maxie, rips into their mother, Felicia for abandoning Georgie, and Robin is overwhelmed by everything that happens.She goes to Patrick's apartment because she is so distraught. A month later, Robin undergoes tests before her in vitro is done, and is shocked to find out she was already pregnant.Over the course of her pregnancy, Patrick and Robin slowly reconcile to the point when Robin agrees to let Patrick be a part of their child's life. On June 12-13, Robin collapses due to high blood pressure and an incompetent cervix but had a procedure to correct it.On August 13, they find out that their baby is a girl, which freaks Patrick out.

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When Robin and Emma go home, Robin appears to have trouble in being a mother.

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